We are Hiring! [Embroidery Production and Management]

Call for Applications
Sughar Production Manager
What are we looking for? 
We are looking for someone with great skills in embroidery design, production, color awareness, quality control and overall management to overlook the production of embroidery fashion products at Sughar right from the hands of rural women in villages to Finishing companies in Karachi!
The Embroidery Production Manager will lead the activities from production to shipping and producer record keeping as well as provision of wages she/he will be incharge of the activities that have to do anything with creating the best fashion product at Sughar. This is a full time job in Karachi office of Sughar, and involves travel to villages Sughar operates in. 
Major Qualities we are looking for:
·         Has skills of embroidery and awareness about most common forms of embroidery
·         Knows how to sew cloths, make patterns and innovate
·         Knowledge about quality control and color combination
·         Has skills to interact with and mobilize rural women to help make better embroidery
·         Can work with finishing companies in Karachi for finalizing the production
·         Can speak Sindhi, Urdu and English
·         Has the ability to get things done quickly and timely!
What You Will Do
·         Purchasing raw material per month and per order
·         Traveling to villages of operation and facilitating rural women in embroidery production
·         Working with project ground staff and manager for creating wage structures and timely payment of women
·         Frequent Communication with customer and producers
·         Creating and managing Sughar registers for wage and other use
·         Checking and maintaining product quality during embroidery and production
·         Working with Sughar partner companies for finishing of embroidery in final products
·         Work on packaging, tagging and shipping products nationally and internationally
·         Maintaining wage chart for the producers around Sindh and Balochistan
·         Taking orders online and on phone
·         Close Coordination with Sughar Sale’s staff for orders and customer care
·         Inventory Management for both finished and unfinished products
·         Event/exhibition booking and organizing
·         Producing and submitting reports of activities per month
To Apply
Send in your CVs to jobsatsughar@gmail.com by 1st of November 2013 and will get back to you within a few days for the next steps! 

Bike/Scooter for Girls in Pakistan

Alright! We are not made to take this discussion to our blog after having the debate going on at our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SugharWomen
On July 23rd we posted the following with some amazing response coming in from our fans! Want to join the discussion? Comment below or help us share this around!
This has been a long debate at Sughar, we are tired of women not being able to go around on their own, women bike rides in Pakistan is the only solution to many problems! We want to hear from you about what you think?
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  • Rumana Husain Go for it! Definitely. Just be careful of that dopatta dangling near the wheel and wear a helmet.
  • Anber Javed its silly and stupid - In a society like Pakistan, who would let their daughters go out on their own riding scooties. Forget rural areas, even urban areas would not be open to the idea. Plus, women in Pakistan have far more issues to deal with than commuting problems
  • Mohammad Sajjad Haider 2 girls in faisalabad are doing it. (1 is the sole breadwinner). initially there was skepticism, apprehension but it turns out they both drive better than the men and another secret was revealed, women can do all that men can.
  • Reem Khurshid I think there's certain class implications when, in urban areas at least, we've accepted the idea of a woman driving a car alone but not "letting" her ride a motorbike which I find quite sad. Especially considering how much women contribute to the labour force, of both the paid and unpaid sort. And why does every solution regarding violence against women involve placing further limitations on a woman's right to freedom and mobility? Here's an idea - instead of telling our children what they can or cannot do, why don't we teach them? Teach our daughters to be strong and self-reliant and respect themselves, teach our sons not to be violent and abusive, to treat others with respect regardless of class, ethnicity or sex. Unless we have the rather bleak view that we as human beings aren't capable of better (in which case as a society we are doomed), it is the only way forward.
  • Sumaira Qamar poor pakistani...grow up guys...
  • Sarah David Khan Scooters for women is a great idea to revive self confidence and promote equality between men and women. Independence is indeed a great feeling. People will complain about it but then the more they see it becoming common the more they'll get over it. And yes it does solve commuting problems.
  • Anber Javed Sarah : you and I both know that as independent modern women, even we wont be comfortable driving around in scooties. We live in Pakistan, and not Las Vegas. There are alot of other security & ethical issues associated.... Its good to idealize and Im all up for empowering women, but this is the ultimate, not thefirst step.
  • Sughar - Women With Wings We absolutely love a healthy discussion! Bring on more comments, but lets try and refrain from pointing out directly to one another and speak in more general or personal opinions. Thanks!
  • M. Usman Gilani Bike rides are equally dangerous for both men and women. We already have hundreds of patients flooding the orthopedics surgery because of motor cycle accidents.
  • Sarah David Khan Yes Anber - i do agree women will be ridiculously uncomfortable driving a scooter in a society like ours. Maybe the dramatic change will come with many side effects. Maybe with time it will become as normal as women smoking hookah in the rural areas. But what bothers me is that if India can have it why can't we? Relating to India because it's a similar culture, in fact we were a part of India before 1947. Why is Pakistan always lagging behind in everything. Why are we so conservative? Once the women jump on scooters, everything will be fine lol We need a change. We need to get over our overwhelming so called culture which does not empower women in way. We need to chill.
  • Liz McLellan I loved my scooter... and I lived in San Franciso...which is no joke with the hills etc... Enjoy!
  • Liz McLellan A scooter is really easy to drive in any outfit, skirt pants -whatever...it's not a bike.. you don't have to peddle!
  • Liz McLellan Ethical issues.... ORLY?
  • Aysha Khan i appreciate this
  • Sajida Ali looks like fun. a harley wud be even btr
  • Sadia Siddiqui I think there ain't laws against women riding scooters!women themselves don't do it.
    Did u see the lady traffic controller,she rides a bike,yes in Pakistan.
  • Ozma Siddiki Nothings bad with ..
  • Indus Crafts (Rilli Art) Lack of social acceptance of women driving scooters/bikes equally exists in both rural and urban areas. However, there are few examples of women breaking such taboos and also being accepted by the people around them provided they get trust & confidence from within their family. We came across one such women in a rural village of Jacobabad, who regularly pick and drops her husband to his shop located 10 - 12 km away using his motorbike (CD70). She is doing it for last 5 years, her husband helped her learn driving and strongly supported her and after sometime everyone in the village got used to the sight of woman on a bike & now no one has any issues with it.
  • Sughar - Women With Wings Alright! What a great discussion, the weight is on approval as we can see. But do we know, HOW do we do this? How to get women to start this brave act which leads into a revolution? Does anyone of you know of a story like Indus Crafts (Rilli Art) and Mohammad Sajjad Haider, which can inspire us all?
  • Sughra Aun Ali agreed.its so difficult to travel in bus every where in bus +the bus fares too.standing on busstop,waiting and most important very few seats in ladies compartment.its a stupidity to stop women from having there own convene
  • Shahrezad Samiuddin if a few women start on scooters, slowly people will get used to it and stop staring. That's been true for practically anything women have started doing. Not too long ago we didn't have women in shops and offices dealing with the public and now we do. And no one bats an eye. Support women and help them be strong and after a while no one should even notice.
  • Mohammad Sajjad Haider it will take time, years if not a decade or two. to start with maybe the one who already drive should be highlighted properly in the appropriate media forums so as to encourage others that it can be done. they could talk abt problems faced and how they fixed em.
  • Farah Minhas I agree with sherry. It's the way it's always been. It begins with a role model, someone to challenge the status quo, then through education and a support network women need to be brave enough to explore their perceived boundaries. Then slowly and inevitably change will happen...
  • Farah Minhas Love the picture by the way!
  • Sughar - Women With Wings Ok! The most exciting update so far on this discussion is that within a 24 hours time it reached 1,234 people and got some amazing ideas! Shows how much we are all eager for change which can be seen, touched, and acted upon. Its about time some of us took this in their hands and made sure we commit to what we say.
  • Sughar - Women With Wings Do you think we at Sughar could initiate something to help further? We are up for ideas from you all, and here to help!
  • Rumana Husain According to a survey carried out in the Punjab, 68% women, mostly in Lahore and Sialkot, want to ride their own scooters! Bravo! "Women do not ride motorbikes in Karachi. Many feel that this is a discrimination that prevents them from opting for a bet...See More
  • Rumana Husain Sughar, is it a matter of economics or is it about motivating the women, that look, just next door, all over in India women ride scooters and bicycles. Perhaps it is both. Therefore, all the women you are in touch with need to be first motivated and may be at first only a couple will agree. Meanwhile if scooter companies can be contacted, so as to lease or sell reasonably-priced scooters to women, it may work.