We are Hiring! [Embroidery Production and Management]

Call for Applications
Sughar Production Manager
What are we looking for? 
We are looking for someone with great skills in embroidery design, production, color awareness, quality control and overall management to overlook the production of embroidery fashion products at Sughar right from the hands of rural women in villages to Finishing companies in Karachi!
The Embroidery Production Manager will lead the activities from production to shipping and producer record keeping as well as provision of wages she/he will be incharge of the activities that have to do anything with creating the best fashion product at Sughar. This is a full time job in Karachi office of Sughar, and involves travel to villages Sughar operates in. 
Major Qualities we are looking for:
·         Has skills of embroidery and awareness about most common forms of embroidery
·         Knows how to sew cloths, make patterns and innovate
·         Knowledge about quality control and color combination
·         Has skills to interact with and mobilize rural women to help make better embroidery
·         Can work with finishing companies in Karachi for finalizing the production
·         Can speak Sindhi, Urdu and English
·         Has the ability to get things done quickly and timely!
What You Will Do
·         Purchasing raw material per month and per order
·         Traveling to villages of operation and facilitating rural women in embroidery production
·         Working with project ground staff and manager for creating wage structures and timely payment of women
·         Frequent Communication with customer and producers
·         Creating and managing Sughar registers for wage and other use
·         Checking and maintaining product quality during embroidery and production
·         Working with Sughar partner companies for finishing of embroidery in final products
·         Work on packaging, tagging and shipping products nationally and internationally
·         Maintaining wage chart for the producers around Sindh and Balochistan
·         Taking orders online and on phone
·         Close Coordination with Sughar Sale’s staff for orders and customer care
·         Inventory Management for both finished and unfinished products
·         Event/exhibition booking and organizing
·         Producing and submitting reports of activities per month
To Apply
Send in your CVs to jobsatsughar@gmail.com by 1st of November 2013 and will get back to you within a few days for the next steps! 


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